Collab with Jeroen van Kempen, Lovisa Minkiewicz

  • The Par-tu-ri-ent project is focussed on the future parents and childbearing, with the possibility to grow and design your child in an external pod. Through this project the students were able to open a platform that invites to think together in a new way and identify obstacles and opportunities around the notion of childbearing. What would society look like if

  • Par-tu-ri-ent is the future?
    The students designed a speculative context to open the debate on the thin line between design, technology and ethics. By shifting the focus of the discussion from a purely scientific approach to a social approach, to an environment where we can get a realistic impression of what the consequences of the progress of biotechnology and biodesign could be.
  • Tutor Team Product Design

    Katja Gruijters, Sander Luske, Rolf Schoeber, Peter Traag, Judith van den Boom

Ons project werd ook gebruikt in de eerste aflevering van NPO 3, de toekomst is fantastisch. 

  • About the Biodesign Challenge
    A team of 2nd year students from the department Product Design ArtEZ Arnhem have been selected as a finalist to present at the Biodesign Challenge Summit at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) this June in New York City. The Biodesign Challenge (BDC) is a university competition, that partners college students with scientists to envision new ways to harness living systems and biotechnology.

  • On June 22nd and 23rd, 24 student teams from 22 universities around the world will gather at the Biodesign Challenge Summit at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City. The teams, chosen from more than 400 participating students, will showcase their projects and compete for prizes including the Glass Microbe.
  • Scientists and support

    Dr. Jeroen de Ridder, University Medical Center Utrecht

    Dr. Wigard Kloosterman, University Medical Center Utrecht

    Dr. Terry Vrijenhoek,University Medical Center Utrecht

    Emy Kool, Ethicist, University Medical Center Utrecht

    Sos Astrup, Midwife

    Hans Bergmans PhD, (retired) NIPHE

  • Actors and model

    Annebel Overbeeke, Harun Balci, Grace van der Zee

  • Voice actor

    Serdar Buyukkaraca